SLC Veteran's Questionnaire Form

The best thing for "your story" is to share it with others.

How much of our history is discarded in the trash? What kind of stories and perspectives have already been lost? As a people, we hope that our lives will have an impact in this world, that our stories will mean something to future generations.

When we lose our history, we lose our cultural memory. Share your stories with others so they are not lost forever.

Below is a list of questions that might help “jog your memory”. Write your story any way you wish.
Thank you, Sandy Eskew

gem Full Name, "Date and Place of Birth, "Service Number"
gem How old were you and where were you living when you entered the service?
gem Where did you go to Boot Camp?
gem Were you married at this time? Did you have children?
gem Month, Day, Year you boarded the USS SLC CA25
gem Ratings and divisions while on the SLC
gem Special schooling while in the Service
gem Names of any of your shipmates you remember
gem Special events that took place during your SLC days
gem Month, Day, Year you left the USS SLC CA25
gem Did you serve on any other ships before or after the SLC during WWII?
gem Date of discharge from the Service and what did you do after that?

If you have a picture of yourself during this time, please send me a copy to go with your records. If you send any pictures and wish them to be returned, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your information.

Your pictures and information will be added to the SLC ASSOCIATION'S MEMORABILIA COLLECTION for Preservation and added to the USS SLC CA25 Website History.
Please send this to:

Sandy Thompson-Eskew
USS SLC CA25's Historian
3642 Circle Drive Place
Grove, Oklahoma 74344
If you have any questions, please call me at my Home and Office # (918) 786-9638

Thank you,
Sandy Eskew
Daughter of SLC Veteran, Hoyt W. Thompson, S1c
[1924-1988]...Served during [1943-1945]