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Mr. & Mrs. R. K. Vance?

ball-red-02 Deceased Myron D. Varland

ball-red-02 Deceased Samuel F. & Betty Wells

ball-red-02 Deceased Charles A. Westermann
Deceased Dr. Raymond N. Whitehead

Deceased Mr. & Mrs. William K. Wilkinson

ball-red-02 Deceased Mr. & Mrs. Elmer H. Witherow

Deceased Robert F. Woolling
ball-red-02 Deceased Roderick E. & Betty Woolworth

ball-red-02 Deceased Lester J. Workman

Plank Owners
Eberhard, Kelley
Patrick & Scalese


It Was Great!

The timetable of the reunion of the stalwarts of the Swayback Maru reminded one of having the gig ready for the skipper. The Old Man tells the Exec. Hed like the gig at 1400, so the Exec. tells the OOD to have it alongside at 1345. The OOD tells the coxswain to have it alongside at 1330 and the gig arrives at the accommodation ladder at 1315. In the same manner, the first official scheduled reunion event was registration on Saturday forenoon, June 9. However, some of us appeared Thursday evening and most by late Friday afternoon. Over 100 (of the 150 who were there) were at the unscheduled wetting down party Friday evening. And things got better from then on.

Ninety former ship's company personnel showed up, plus over half that many wives. They came from Salt Lake City and from Florida, Massachusetts and Hawaii with the largest delegation from California. One large room was filled with memorabilia from the ship pictures, flags, models and pieces of shrapnel. Four plank owners were on hand and several of these missed the reunion because of hearing of it to late to come.

With this booklet, we have the names and addresses of over 250 personnel. The group agreed that we should have another of the reunions and scheduled it to be in early to mid June, 1975, in San Diego. V. R. Dahlen is the man in charge of that affair, to be assisted by some of the dozen or so who live in and near San Diego. Pan to come and try to get in touch with others whose names may not be in this book. Send the names to Shorty Dahlen.

And San Diego Will Be Greater!


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