USS Salt Lake City CA25 Association
2013 Minutes
Nashville, TN.
July 14, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 by President Janet Veit.

Those present were: Janet Veit, John Mercer, Rodney Jones, Bob Smith, Carol Smith, Margaret (Peg) Gonzalez, James McCorriston, Mary Oppenheimer, Sandy Oppenheimer, Monroe Copeland, Debbie Copeland, Howard Grounds, Lucille Grounds, Nell Payne, Charles Payne, Arthur Mercer, James Noar, Rich Noar, Fred McMurray, Randy Oppenheimer, Michael Asea, Colleen Coda, Edward Coda (and Vincent G. Coda), Mary Jowdy, Kathy Jones and Brian Asea.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Howard Grounds gave an invocation including a prayer for a return to good health for Al Jowdy.

President's Report
Janet thanked John Mercer for organizing this excellent reunion in Nashville. She thanked Al Jowdy for being treasurer and taking efficient care of the various duties of the office. She said that, thanks to those who contributed to the wreath fund, the wreath for the USS SLC was placed again at the front of the ship's plaque at the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, TX.

Vice-President's Report
John Mercer gave us a report on AMRF with who we have been for 3 years. They do our income tax filing and we have an insurance policy with them. They are based in Florida and do this work for other associations. A question was raised as to what might be tax-deductible for our Association members and John said he could compile a list to send to Sandy Eskew for possible addition to the Association website.

Treasurer's Report
In Al Jowdy's absence, Janet said that she had talked with Al earlier in the reunion and our balance is around $2,000.

Unfinished Business
We are reminded to get dues paid. They are vital to keeping the Association going.

New Business
Kathy Jones moved that we have a reunion committee which will decide by September a location and date for the 2014 reunion. Sandy Oppenheimer seconded and the motion carried. Randy Oppenheimer agreed to look into location options. Janet offered her help. The reunion choice will be determined by the end of September with planned events information available by the end of January. Discussion followed that having a central location with airline connections should be considered as well as the time of year to hold it.

Nominations for officers followed. Sandy Oppenheimer moved and Edward Cody seconded that Janet Veit be nominated for President. The resulting vote was affirmative. Rich Noar moved and Rodney Jones seconded that John Mercer be nominated for Vice-President. The resulting vote was affirmative. Rodney Jones moved and Rich Noar seconded that Al Jowdy be nominated for Secretary/Treasurer. The resulting vote was affirmative.

Veterans then gave some accounts of their experiences.

Janet thanked Mike Asea for all he does to make the hospitality room look good with the banners and memorabilia.

The banquet this evening will be at the Bell Meade room here in the hotel and photos will be taken first.

Debbie Copeland moved and Howard Grounds seconded that something be sent to Al while he is in the hospital. This carried and Mary Jowdy said she would get a card for us all to sign.

Sandy Oppenheimer moved and Rodney Jones seconded that the meeting be adjourned. The motion carried and we adjourned at 10:50.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Jones

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