The Rope Yarn of the USS Salt Lake City CA25
Nov. 17th, 1934

Published & Printed on Board the
Cruiser Division 4, US Fleet


Captain I. C. Johnson, Jr., Commanding  [1] Deceased
Commander W. W. Smith, USN Executive Deceased
Lt. (jg) Matthew (unable to read), Editor
Ensign A. C. Smith, Assistant
William F. Bauer, Manager(?)(hard to read)
Lt.(jg) P. G. (unable to read)
V. R. Locke, Pfc.
J. H. Lucas, S1c


Turret Four wins Navy "E"

A recent letter from the Chief of Naval Operations, Division of Fleet Training has advised the Commanding Officer that the crew of Turret 4 will receive prize money and "E" qualification.

When the report of scores was sent in, a disputed shot was awarded to the second set of pointers. This enabled the turret to receive the necessary score for and "E".

Congratulations 4th Division [2]

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Army-Navy Game

The entire stadium will be filled when the "Kaydets" of the U. S. Military Academy face the "Middies" of the U. S. Naval Academy. There will be 78,000 people cheering for their favorite team. At least 10,000 applications have been turned down because of the sellout.  [3]

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Marines Receive Sweaters

From: Commander Scouting Force
To: Commanding Officer, USS Salt Lake City
Subject: Award of "Scouting Force" Sweaters to Marine Whaleboat Crew

1. Commander Scouting Force takes pleasure in forwarding under separate cover, thirteen (13) "SCOUTING FORCE" sweaters which are to be awarded as prizes to the crew of the Marine Whaleboat which won the Fall series race at Guantaname Bay. [4]
W. H. Campbell

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Whaleboats Pulling Races

The Fall series in the Whaleboat pulling races are to be completed at San Pedro on Friday, the 23rd of November, 1934.

At 1000 the First Enlistment Race will be pulled and an hour later the Selected crews will get underway. Both races will be pulled over the mile and a half course.

All cruisers present at San Pedro plus the "Vestal" will enter crews. The boats will be weighed in on board the "Houston" at 0900 Thurs. 22 November, 1934.

We got off to a good start when our Marines led the way. Now let's get the other two events under our belts. We have the men on board that can pull those oars in winning form. It's up to the rest of us to push them across with every bit of co-operation possible.  [5]

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Results of Small Arms Firing

As a result of the firings on the rifle range at Guantaname(o) the men that fired over the marksman course qualified with the following scores:

First Division

Bickford, D. R., Cox - 121
Eager, T. L., S2c - 123
Hall, C. L., S1c - 123
James, C., Cox - 120
Jacobs, P. R., S2c - 120
Minor, E. C., GM3c - 122
Stanton, D. B., S2c - 121
Thompson, J. C., S2c Deceased - 128
Van Brunt, C. J., S2c - 130
Vlcek, John Frank Ferdinand S2c Deceased- 120
Wells, Samuel F., S1c ball-red-02 Deceased- 122

Second Division

Alakeski, T. J., S1c - 123
Anderson, M. D., S1c - 120
Baemmel, K., S2c - 120
Boone, J. F., S2c - 134
Brazelton, W., S2c - 126
Carlson, G. H., S2c - 120
Chambers, R. B., S1c - 125
Cole, E. H., S2c 121
Cross, J. H., S2c - 122
Graves, B. P., GM2c - 120
Gunther, Unknown, S2c - 123
Hall, J. R., S2c -121
Leo, G. F., S2c - 121
Luutat, F. A., S1c - 122
Ryan, J. E., S2c - 125
Stern, Joseph J., S2c - 126

Third Division
Baker, A. A., S1c - 133
Baris, Sam S., S1c ball-red-02 Deceased - 128
Besouk, K. J., S2c - 123
Brandon, V. P., GM3c - 135
Green, M. B., S2c - 128
Hackert, Clifford B., S2c - 125
Kelczwski, A. W., S2c - 125
Sigrist, R. F., S2c - 123
Thomas, G. M. S1c - 129
Whitman, E. A., S2c - 132

Fourth Division

Balmos, O. H., S1c - 121
Butilier, L. W., S2c - 121
Caputi, D., GM3c - 120
Gluck, G. M., S2c - 121
Kuba, J. J., S2c - 120
Langseth, R. A., S2c - 126
Meller, R. T., S2c - 130
Niece, F. G., S2c - 120
Rimer, Raymond L., S2c ball-red-02 Deceased- 128
Showers, J. W., Cox - 120
Turner, E. D., S1c - 120

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Scouting Force Rifle Team

Of the men that tried out with the Scouting Force Rifle Team, Sprowl, C. G., S2c, First Division, made "Expert Qualification". All of the above men have had notations placed on their service records to show their qualification.

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Basketball Season Underway

We are off to the start of another basketball season and at present our hopes are above the average. Last year we went through the season undefeated by a Navy team until we met the "Tossers" of the "Tennessee" for the All-Navy Championship. As you all know we were defeated by them but not until we gave them the closest battle they had experienced in the climb to the top. Suffice it to say that we were Scouting Force Champions and the team received Gold Basketballs and "Scouting Force" sweaters for their efforts. The ship also received the Cruiser and Scouting Force Cups. Incidentally, these cups are only temporary possessions in the custody of the ship winning them and it is up to the "Salt Lake City" to produce a winning team again this year in order that our trophy case shall not be depleted.

In regard to this year's prospects we have to replace Polgar who was paid off. Uncle W. R. "Willie" Hapeman claims that he is getting to old for this young man's game, but we all know that he's only fooling and won't let the ship down for LOVE or money. New faces seen at practice include: Blair, G. H. Carlson, W. H. Chaddock, J. H. Cross, Dominick, Eckberg, Hart, F. G. Niece, Nizer, Wellberg, and several others that we will tell you more about as the season progresses. As for the old timers, we have Deceased Walter P. Eberhard, Clifford B. Hackert and W. R. "Willie" Hapeman, Henderson, Lombard, Price, Robinson. Savey, Skapinsky,

The schedule this year begins with a cruiser elimination starting next Sat. the 24th of November. Each ship will be required to play every other ship in the cruiser group tow games which means a total of 14 games for us. The winner of the elimination will play the winner of the San Diego group for the championship of the Scouting Force.

The team needs the ship's support this year so give them a hand gang and let's push our team to the top for another successful year in basketball.  [6]

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Marine Chatter

Needless to say, all hands were eagerly looking forward to dropping the mudhook in San Pedro Harbor once again, and our "home guards" and native sons were all shined up and rarin to go at the first note of the liberty call. And so after what seemed like a year or so instead of the seven months that it was, the old anchor was dropped at 9:58 a.m. November 9, 1934.

Looking backward we find that it was almost seven months ago to the hour that the anchor was hoisted in and we were on our way East. What a cruise it turned out to be! It was one that we will always remember as one of the happiest experiences of our lives.

Here and there --- lots of good ole California sunshine around (I mean the liquid kind) ---Tis said a certain newly made PFC is an authority on how to replace springs particularly machine-springs. Notice the new Scouting Force sweaters the whaleboat crew are wearing? Look swell, don't they? Congratulations boys, you certainly deserved them....Our port side gun striker is sporting a new chevron on his sleeve and more congratulations are in order. Did you miss out on cigars---that's too bad.

We all join in welcoming aboard S. S. Wade, 2nd. Lieut. USMC, who has reported on board for duty. Lt. Wade graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy with the class of 1933. After a year at the Basic School, he was assigned to the "Pennsylvania".

He is relieving Lt. Carroll who goes to Lakehurst, N. J. for duty. That's all gang, gotta locker to shine for inspection.  [7]

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Kiddie Christmas Party

We of the Navy haven't suffered particularly much during the depression in comparison to these unfortunates that have lost their jobs, and in many cases their homes. Christmas isn't going to be a very cheerful time for their children. But it is within our power to brighten the holiday for these kiddies that are probably desperately in need of clothes, and a good meal to make life more cheerful for them.

If every man on the ship contributes a dollar, we will be able to have a swell party for 65 children. Last year that was the number that came on board. They were each given several articles of clothing, a toy, candy, and fruit around the big tree by "Santa Claus", after they had been filled to the brim with Turkey and the fixings. The ages of these children were from 6 to 12. The little girls were given socks, underwear, a coat or sweater, shoes and hat. The boys received trousers, a shirt, underwear, shoes and gloves. The average cost of outfitting each child was about $5.50.

Each division decorated its part of the ship and several children were seated with the men at their mess tables. There was also the large tree where Santa did his stuff with the presents.

If you save 50 cents for the next two paydays, you'll be contributing towards a wonderful cause when you're asked to do your share to make some little boy or girl happy.

To show you that they appreciate all that's done for them, we're printing a letter that was received after last year's Christmas party when the ship was in Bremerton.

We print the letter in the same words that were written by little Ruth Black and her brother Bobby:

Jan. 3rd, 1934

Dear Sailors:

I want to thank you for the nice Christmas Party you gave us and I want to thank you for the lovely presents you gave us too. The dresses you gave me just fit fine, the other things you gave me fit fine too. And the things you gave my brother just fit him too. My mother was so pleased when she saw that coat my brother got. It was the best Christmas I ever had. I wore the shoes and one of the underwears the first night I got them to a program. I can't think of anything more to write so I guess I will close the letter.

Ruth & Robert Black

P.S. Please write some time.

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New Men Received on Board

Bannon, E. R., CMM from San Diego
Maloy, F. T., WT1c from San Diego

The below named men were received from the Training Station at San Diego after being transported by the "Houston".

Baker, R. E., AS
Beaulieu, C. E., AS
Blankenship, A. L., AS
Callaway, D. L., AS
Crawford, W. W., AS
Campbell, F. R., AS
Chaddock, W. H., AS
Church, W. W., AS
Colgan, D. V., AS
Chicktasse, E. M., AS
Hicks, H. F., AS
Fox, H. M., RM2c from Chicago
La Bonte, R., Prt1c from Receiving ship at San Francisco
Pickett, H. D., GM2c from Indianapolis

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Transferred to Hospital Ship

Scott, R. N. AMM1c, Mason, C. B., S2c & Kelly, J., GM2c were transferred to the Relief for treatment.


[1] Does anyone know anything about Capt. Johnson?
[2] Do you know any of the 4th Division during this time?
[3] What sport was this?
[4] Has anyone ever seen one of these "Scouting Sweaters"?
[5] What are "Pulling Races"?
[6] Where did they play Basketball? On the SLC?
[7] Does anyone know of this Lt. Carroll?

Contributed by ball-red-02 Sid Foster



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