USS Salt Lake City CA-25
"The SaltShaker"
"Queen of the Seas"
Vol. III No. XVIV, Sunday, January 7th, 1945

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Captain E. A. Mitchell ball-red-02 Deceased, Commanding Officer
Commander James T. Brewer ball-red-02 Deceased, Executive Office

Chap. Arthur B. Turner, Lt.,
W. D.(or L) Dwyer, Y1c
Maschinot, Charles, RM2c ball-red-02 Deceased
R. C. Shanaberger, Slc
J. L. Feldmann, RT3c ball-red-02 Deceased

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gem Wondering gem

Another Christmas has come and gone and when we left Saipan, some wondered why we should go out on Christmas to attack the enemy. Christmas Eve had not passed before all were convinced that we had done a wise thing. Who knows but what the Japs were planning an attack on our B-29 fields at Saipan? From all indications, with several planes on the air strips on Iwo Jima and probably more under cover, this was their intentions. If we halted such a move by the enemy we did a noble thing on this Christmas.

We do know that a DE, small landing craft and a patrol craft were destroyed. That helped all of our morale's. Let us hope that the small landing craft was a liberty boat for the "boys" as their ships came into Iwo Jima and now they will probably have to do without for some time.

You've probably been wondering about this island. There is very little information available on the place. It is located among the Volcanic Islands which are the most southerly of Nanpo Shoto, whatever that means. Iwo Jima, sometimes called Sulphur Island, is the only island of any importance of this small group. Its importance is almost entirely military and lies in the fact that the island has enough flat ground to accommodate airfields. The Japanese built several strips and fortified the area. Otherwise, Iwo Jima has a little over 1,000 inhabitants who make their living by growing sugar cane and vegetables and by fishing. Some of them work at the sugar refinery on the island. Considerable quantities of sulphur are present on the island, but not much use sees to have been made of it.

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gem Was it Christmas?, by Sad Salt gem

This year along with millions of others I celebrated Christmas, or rather I missed Christmas. It had not been for the calendar, I would not have known it was even time for Christmas, because one day is like another at sea, in the tropics.

The first Christmas tree I remember was an artificial one with candles on it, it was about the time I did and then again did no believe in Santa Claus, and I particularly remember the reflection of it, shining from my mother's eyes, as we sat on the floor among my gifts.

Then later on I remember the reflection of the tree in the eyes of my younger sisters and brothers as they scampered among the things that Santa had brought.

Then there was the reflection of another tree, in the eyes of "The Girl" as she opened my first Christmas present to her. That was and still is one of my favorite remembrances of by-gone Christmases. Later on I remember the saucer-eyed reflection of still another tree, as my own little ones stared at what Santa had brought. And then I don't remember any more, because they don't have Christmas trees on the high seas, even tho it be Christmas Day.

But it won't be long till we again are able to see that symbol of "Glad Tidings, good will toward all men", and then we will be home, and the word "HOME" has taken on many more meanings than we ever imagined it could have. Till that time tho, we'll make the most of our situation.

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gem True Nobility gem

Who does his task from day to day
And meets whatever comes his way,
Believing God has willed it so,
Has found real greatness here below.
Who guards his post, no matter where,
Believing God must need him there,
Although but lowly toil it be,
Has risen to nobility.
For great and low there's but one test;
'Tis that each man shall do his best.
Who works with all the strength he can
Shall never died in debt to man.

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Remember.... when you talk you only repeat what you all ready know; but if you listen you may learn something.

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gem "Sailing On To Victory" gem

The Ship received some sad news this past week. When over the radio came the news that ball-red-02 Deceased Admiral Earnest Small had died in New York.

Admiral Small, then Captain, came aboard the Salt Lake City at Brisbane, Australia, May of 1942. He took the Salt Lake through the Solomon Campaign and it was his leadership and skill that took her through the battle that made her famous throughout the Fleet. The Battle of Cape Esperance on the night of October 11-12, 1942.

After this engagement he was made Rear Admiral and was in command of Comcrudiv 5 throughout the Marshall and Gilbert Island Campaigns.

Admiral Small thought a lot of the Salt Lake City. You could tell it in his actions and various talks he gave aboard ship, and those of us who served under him aboard her, thought he was tops, as one fellow said when he heard the news, "That's tough, he was a darn good spud."...and he was.

With Admiral Small's death comes the sad realization that the Navy has lost a great man, and the Salt Lake City has lost a good and true friend.

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Happy New Year

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