Glenn E. Crabtree, EM3c
USS Salt Lake City CA25

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US FLAG Glenn E. Crabtree passed away in 2008. Information from nephew L. R. "Tree" Crabtree

Note from L. R. "Tree" Crabtree
My uncle Glenn Crabtree was never into computers. I came across your write up on him and was very pleased. A few years ago I took my laptop computer to his home and gave him a chance to "see" himself online. It definitely made for a day full of stories, especially the Amelia Earhart search. At the time he was starting to have trouble with remembering people and names, but he still had his history down pat.
When he met someone (or remet them) he would write their name in the palm of his hand to keep himself straight for the entire visit. I don't know if you are keeping track of the team's passing, but we lost uncle Glenn in 2008. I was in the process of moving and dealing with my wife's heart failure and did not learn of his passing for a few months. I am sorry, I do not have the details for your records.
Thanks again for what you have done. L. R. "Tree" Crabtree

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Information Submitted for Glenn E. Crabtree by USS SLC Veteran ball-red-02 Syd Foster

Glenn Crabtree entered the USN via the Recruiting Office in Detroit, Michigan in the heart of the Great Depression. At that time, Michigan was the headquarters for almost all of the cars manufactured in the world. Due to the Depression, very few people were buy cars. The unemployment rate was very high and jobs for young men were non-existent. So, the Navy pay of $18.00 per month was about $17.00 more than Glenn had been accustomed to. His father was a Minister with a very low income.

During Glenn's time aboard, the SLC was assigned to the Pacific Fleet, which was headquartered in Long Beach, CA. However, SLC made several cruises to other destinations such as Cuba, Panama, Alaska, Pearl Harbor, Valpariso (Chile), Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Etc.

The cruise to Chile was especially noteworthy, because all hands were involved in the conversion of "Pollywogs" to "Shellbacks", which was a horrendous experience.

Later, Glenn was a member of the crew when SLC was assigned to search for the missing Amelia Earhart in 1937. [See below]

Still later, Glenn was aboard when SLC was involved in the search for crew members of the Airship USS MACON, which had crashed about 100 miles off the Pacific Coast.

As indicated in his article, Glenn became a Millionaire in later years, which was quite an achievement for someone with such a humble beginning.

Included herein is a copy of a News Article from the 1935-1936 era, when Glenn was aboard the SLC enroute to Puget Sound Navy Yard.

Syd Foster

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Letter from Glenn E. Crabtree to Syd Foster on Dec. 6, 2000

I joined the Navy in July, 1935. My pay was $18.00 per month and I sent it all home. I went to Boot Camp in Norfolk, VA. I was in the E. Division on the USS SLC for a short time. I left the ship in Long Beach in July 1939. When the war broke out I went to the Bethlehem Shipyards on Terminal Island near Long Beach. I was frozen on my job during the war. I left the shipyards and went into Real Estate. In a short time I had my own office.

I let word get around that if anyone had $1,000.00 I could show them how to become a millionaire. I am only sure about one person who did what I said and ended up with six million dollars.

My biggest deal was buying 100 3-bedroom houses from American Savings and Loan in 1988. the price was $5 Million 7 hundred thousand and they sold for over $80,000 each. I retired about twenty years ago but still manage a few place.

Grace Crabtree died in 1976 and Barbara and I married on Nov. 11, 1977. We are very healthy and happy.

God Bless
Glenn Crabtree

Amelia Earhart Information
Department of the Navy--Naval Historical Center
Attended the following SLC Reunions:   1983  1993

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Glenn & Barbara Crabtree

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