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Marion Francis Jordan, S1c-GM3c
USS Salt Lake City CA25

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USS SLC...Enlisted Navy...Marion Francis Jordan, S1c-GM3c

Dick joined the merchant marines soon after getting home from the War. After his first round trip by ship to Europe he arrived back in the United States in February of 1946. He was killed in a commercial airline crash in Virginia while trying to get back home to Alabama.
Jan. 16th, 2013


Thanks to your web site I was able to put together a synopsis of what this film was about.
David Upton

Survivors from the USS Hornet, are transferred from the USS Russell to the USS Pensacola, during World War II.
Battle of Santa Cruz Islands in the Pacific during World War II. Survivors from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, CV-8, are being transferred, from the destroyer USS Russell, DD-414, that rescued them, to the heavy cruiser USS Pensacola, CA-24, by means of line and bosun's chair. Several wounded on litters are also transferred, (Note: The USS Pensacola eventually received 188 survivors from the Hornet.) Near the end of the film, in background, the sister ship to the USS Pensacola, the heavy cruiser USS Salt Lake City, CA-25 can be seen. This means this film was made between Oct. 26 and Nov. 1 1942, according to the deck logs of the USS Salt Lake City.

It also means the Battle of Santa Cruz Task Force 17 met up with the Pearl Harbor bound Task Force 66.7 (out of Noumea, New Caledonia)and completed the 2,500 mile trip in eight days.
Oct. 15th, 2012

Rare Footage found that shows the U.S.S. SLC CA25 Heavy Cruiser during WWII. Contributed by David Upton, Great nephew of Marion Jordon, SLC Veteran

Eddie Peabody and troupe entertain sailors aboard the USS Salt Lake City during World War II

SOC Seagull observation biplane retrieved by USS Salt Lake City in Doolittle Task Force during World War II

Oiler USS Cimerron refuels USS Salt Lake City underway in the Pacific prior to Doolittle Raid during World War II

US Navy ships at the Navy base in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, including USS Salt Lake City (CA-25)

U.S. Naval bombardment of Iwo Jima, preceding the amphibious assault in World War II

Task Force 16 with Doolittle raiders underway in the Pacific Ocean during World War II

Oct. 22nd, 2012

More rare Footage found that shows the U.S.S. SLC CA25 Heavy Cruiser during WWII. Contributed by David Upton, Great nephew of Marion Jordon, SLC Veteran

U.S. Dive bombers targets as U.S. warships operate close to shore during invasion of Okinawa in World War II

U.S. Navy warships of Task force 51 bombarding Japanese positions on Iwo Jima prior to invasion during World War II

Guadalcanal campaign in World War II

US Task Force attacks Japanese positions on Island of Wotie in Gilbert and Marshall Islands during World War II
(bombardment of Wotje Island February 1, 1942. USS Salt Lake City in several scenes taking from the USS Northhampton.)
Update 11-15-2012: More Videos

U.S. invasion of Okinawa, Japan, during World War II

U.S. Naval heavy gunfire supporting invasion of Okinawa, Japan, during world War II

Admiral Halsey's U.S. Naval Task Force 8 raid against the Marshal Islands, February , 1942. in World War II
Dec. 3rd, 2000

I am a nephew of Marion Francis Jordan, S1c. He served on board the USS Salt Lake City from November 26, 1942 until the end of the war. I have him listed as being in Div. 2 and Div. 6. I have a lot of material that I would like to donate to the web site. I have his day to day journal he wrote from mid April 1945 to Sept. 1945. I have photo copies of his actual personnel records. I have several photos of him, the ship and unidentified friends. I have his honorable discharge in the original envelope. I also have items that I might be able to a complete set of blue jumpers that he wore aboard ship.

His life was short. After being sent home to Alabama and discharged after the war he immediately joined the merchant marine and took a ship to Europe. After he returned to the States in February 1946 he was killed on his way back to Alabama in a commercial airline crash in Virginia.

Thank You
David Upton


Introduction to the "Journal" by David Upton


I am the Nephew of Marion Francis Jordan, known as "Dick" to friends and family. I never knew him; he died eleven years before I was born. He was my grandmother's youngest brother. His older two brothers also served in World War II. Bernard "Boby" (pronounced Bobee) had been in the U. S. Merchant Marines. Boby's ship was one of only a handful that made it through the U-boat Wolf Packs and Luftwaffa torpedo bombings. Thinking that this was to dangerous Boby enlisted in the Marine Corps and served in the 4th Regiment in the 3rd and 6th Marines. Thomas Jordan was an officer in the Merchant Marines and was involved in the Operation Torch landings in North Africa.

When he came home to Mobile, Alabama in December of 1945 he brought home all of his personal effects from his service on board the U.S.S. Salt Lake City. Some of these items I saw every day as a child while visiting my grandparents. I remember his picture in his white uniform, the picture of the U.S.S. Salt Lake City and the wooden plaque with the shield and name of that great ship hanging in living room of my great grandmother's and grandmother's homes.

About six years ago after the death of my uncle Boby, who lived in the home, my great grandmother's house was put up for sale. The items in the house were being divided between the family. In the old home was an old trunk in a corner behind a bedroom door. It was one of the last items found. In this trunk was the personal effects of Dick Jordan from his service in the Navy. The journal was discovered after nearly fifty years since it was placed there. He was only twenty-two when he wrote it.

Before he left on his trip to Europe he had told a story to his parents of an accident on board the U.S.S. Salt Lake City. He had fallen over the safety line or railing and would have been killed if not for his ring on his finger catching on part of the ship. He hung in mid air and was pulled to safety. The ring was damage (I guess so was his finger) with a very visible dent. He kept wearing that ring as a good luck charm. After the accident, which cost him his life, his father identified his body by that ring.
Journal by M. Jordan, Written Apr. 15, - to Sept. 1, 1945
#28 in 2nd Division, Jan. 1945
#8 in Gunner's Mates & Turret Crew, March, 1943
SLC Deck Log, Nov. 1942
Signed Autograph Book of shipmate ball-red-02 Deceased Paul G. Welborn

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