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Abraham Arthur Noar, S1c
USS Salt Lake City CA25

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USS SLC...Enlisted Navy...Abraham Arthur Noar, S1c

US FLAG Abraham A. Noar passed away in 1976 at the age of 58

June 18th, 2005 Letter from Son, Richard A. Noar
From his service papers:
Enlisted in the Navy on Sept. 15th, 1937 and was discharges on Oct. 13th, 1941 with a rating of S1c.
Recalled to duty May 14th, 1945 to Nov. 29th, 1945 - Sent to Guam.
Inactive Reserves from Mar. 29th, 1947 to 1953

slc4-noar-21 When he came home he was suffering from an over-active thyroid condition, which took the Navy doctors a while to figure out. He was in and out of the hospital for a couple of years. His weight would go up and down like crazy, and when he was skinny I learned really fast not to stay in his vicinity for any length of time because I was bound to do something to tick him off! Thankfully the Navy doctors solved the problem and he became a great dad and a fine person all around.

He was a really great guy, the kind of character John Wayne use to play. He was a simple man. Things were either black or white in his room for gray. He could not abide a liar or a thief. He didn't care what a man's race, creed, or color was. Honesty was what counted with him.

When he died at the age of 58, his funeral was a real tribute to him. With less than four days before he was buried, (in keeping with the Jewish tradition), the word was spread and a large number of people showed up. There were so many people that I thought North American/Rockwell must have given everybody the day off....and they represented every race, creed and color.

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Harold "Buck" Pilof Deceased was Abraham's best friend for a long time. He told stories about times when he nor Buck had any money but there was still liberty left. Buck would do this magic trick when they were in a bar and had no money.

"Before" they would go into the bar, Buck would slice a cigarette lengthways and dump out the tobacco. Then he would cut the paper in two long strips and fold the strips into an accordion shape and stick one into each of his nostrils. Then they would go into the bar and offer to swallow a lighted cigarette if someone would buy a beer to put out the fire in buck's stomach after he swallowed the lighted cigarette. There was always someone who would buy a beer just to see this happen.

slc4-22 Buck Pilof on left-Abe Noar on right

Buck would light up a cigarette and smoke it half way down, while puffing hard to make a lot of smoke and a very bright coal on the end. Then he would swallow the cigarette and take a great big gulp of beer. Then he would make a big production out of choking while my Abraham would pound him on the back. Buck would wave his arm around and stammer "I'm OK! I'm OK!" and then while he was doing that he would pull the cigarette papers out of his nose. After that they would never have an empty glass in front of them.

Buck stayed at Abraham's house for about a year after he got out of the Navy. Then one afternoon he brought his girlfriend over and for some reason that's lost to history, the woman and Abraham's wife got into an argument having to do with shoes. Buck backed his girlfriend and Abraham backed his wife and Buck was ask to leave. They never saw each other again.

When Abraham was dying, his son ask him if there was anything he regretted about his life and he said the only thing was that stupid argument he and Buck had.

Richard searched everywhere for Buck to try to get them together before Abraham passed away, but couldn't find him. He is still looking for him and would like to tell him that his Dad was thinking of him before he died.
Dec. 4th, 2006 Update from Sandy Eskew, Historian:
Lisa, the daughter of Harold "Buck" Pilof contacted me after doing a web search on the name "Pilof" & found her father on the SLC website. She recognized her father from the drawing. I put her in touch with Abe Noar's son, Richard. Buck & Abe were best friends. Sadly, Buck passed away several years ago.

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Update from Sandy Eskew: Aug. 1st, 2009
SLC Veterans ball-red-02 William Leary & ball-red-02 Deceased James Mickelson knew Abe Noar very well when they all served on the SLC. Bill & James both contacted me wanting to know how to get in touch with Rich Noar. I called Rich, told him about these veterans, and gave him their phone numbers. Here is what happened.


July 31st, 2009
I had a very nice conversation with both Mr. Leary and Mr. Mickelson. Mr. Leary remembered that my Dad was known for his singing voice, and said that he could have given Bing Crosby a run for his money! How 'bout that!

He also recalled my Dad's boxing career (it was very short!) and remembered the name of the guy who knocked him out, whose name I promptly forgot! Damn!!! We are going to get together for lunch very soon. He likes Lumpia, which is a Filipino dish that Marilou just happens to specialize in making! How's that for a small world?!

Mr. Mickelson had some pretty funny stories about how my Dad took him under his wing when he was just a young, green kid fresh off the farm. After listening to Mr. Mickelson tell about how Dad seemed to have Liberty every night in Honolulu, and how he never got Liberty, he said Dad said he would look into it, and finally got him Liberty. My Dad gave Mr. Mickelson back his Liberty card and quit using it to go ashore himself!

I told Mr. Mickelson that my Dad kind of sounded like the Wolf, who took Pinocchio under his wing, when he met Mr. Mickelson! Mr. Mickelson said that Dad made it up to him by taking him along with the "older guys" the next time they all had Liberty, and showing him the sights, and telling him what to watch out for in Honolulu. I really wanted to find out if Dad made the "Kid" pay for the drinks, but I was afraid to ask!

His story sure reminded me of my first days as an Apprentice Lather. But the regard he had for my dad sure makes me feel good.

We agreed to become pen-pals.
This has been a VERY GOOD DAY!
Sandy, "Thanks for all you do!!!"

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When Abe was on the SLC he made a SLC Life Preserver. After he was discharged he took it home with him and hung it in Rich's bedroom, where it stayed for years. Rich loved it so much that he designed a replica of the Life Preserver and started looking for someone to make them. After contacting several people, he ask me, Sandy E., to look at the design and see if I knew anyone that could make them. Her sister Peggy made several of them and Rich gave everyone of them to the veterans that were at the next reunion.

Neptune's Court picture contributed by William E. Leary, S1c ball-red-02
Rich Noar had a model made of the USS SLC CA25.... Check it out!
Oct. 1941 Newspaper Clipping.... Uncle Sam's Bluejackets are Ready
Abe Noar is #3 in picture with Shipmates
Group Picture with Names
The Rowing Team-1939-40...Abe is #11
Group Picture of SLC Veterans being transferred to the USS IDAHO
Group Picture of SLC Veterans - 1940-41-NEED NAMES
Fleet Maneuvers...Rich Noar verified it is the U.S.S. SLC CA25
Sam Wells ball-red-02 Deceased
Rich Noar donated the 1939 Rope Yarn
Rich Noar donated Naval Honor Guard Sailor Statues to several people
at the 2018 USS SLC CA25 Association Reunion in San Diego, CA.
Rich & Marilou Noar along with friend Ron Calkins attended the 2008 SLC Reunion in Springfield, MO.
Rich & Marilou Noar attended the 2009 SLC Reunion in San Antonio, TX. & the 2010 Reunion in San Diego, CA. Here is Rich with Rear Admiral William D. French & the plaque that Rich had made to thank the Admiral for his participation during the reunion.

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slc4-noar-unkn officer Unknown Officer
Picture found in Abe's
Scrapbook Album
If you know his name,
Please contact Sandy Eskew

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J. F. Wheeler, S1c
3rd Division

Unknown Veterans from 1940-41

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