USS Salt Lake City CA-25 Log Book
Dates of Events while
S1c Hoyt W. Thompson was on board

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October 5, 1943.....Entered San Francisco Bay at 1330. Anchored
October 10, 1943.....Underway at 1615 with 1,000 recruits
October 14, 1943.....Entered Pearl Harbor at 1530. Made usual repairs
October 26, 1943.....Underway for training purposes
October 29, 1943.....Entered Pearl Harbor. Continued overhaul
November 8, 1943.....Underway. S.L.C., Chester, Pensacola, Oakland
November 13, 1943.....Crossed the Equator at 0230
November 15, 1943.....Met three Carriers and their escorts
November 18, 1943.....Planes from Essex, Bunker Hill, and Independence made four runs on Tarawa. Torpedo attack at 1800, no casualties.
November 19, 1943.....Bombarded Tarawa, 71 salvos of 8 inch, 27 salvos of 5 inch. No casualties.
November 20, 1943.....Marines landed on Tarawa. Torpedo attack at 1800, twenty planes, S.L.C. got three. Independence caught a fish from a sub, light damage.
November 26, 1943.....Left Tarawa and went to Apem?[Unable to read] to cover landings. No resistance.
December 8, 1943.....Landing operations secured. Underway again. December 9, 1943.....Entered Funafuti, Ellis Islands at 1600. Lay at anchor acting as radar guard.
December 20, 1943.....Underway for firing practice. Firing delayed.
December 21, 1943.....Anchored again.
December 25, 1943.....MERRY CHRISTMAS in Funafuti.
January 1, 1944.....HAPPY NEW YEAR. Personnel Inspection.
January 8, 1944.....Underway at 0730 for firing. Anchored at 1700.
January 18/19, 1944.....Renewed tubes Z-27, 28, 30, in #8 boiler
January 23, 1944.....Underway for the Marshalls with the Chester, Pensacola, Bunker Hill, one CVE, North Carolina, Washington, New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Alabama, South Dakota, Massachusetts, twelve destroyers, and a tanker.
January 24, 1944.....Took Admiral Small aboard when Chester had engine trouble, and had to return.
January 25, 1944.....Cruiser Division Five left the main force.
January 29, 1944.....Planes from the enterprise, Bunker Hill, and CVE bombed Wotje in the morning. Began Bombardment of Wotje at 1433. Fired 70 five gun salvos.
January 30, 1944.....Bombarded Taroa at 1506. Fired 31 five gun salvos.
January 31, 1944.....Bombarded Taroa at 1405. Fired 30 five gun salvos. Bombarded Emma? at 1540. Fired 7 five gun salvos, 200 rounds of five inch.
February 2, 1944.....Bombarded Wotje at 1428. Fired 40 five gun salvos.
February 3, 1944.....Entered Majuro at 1130. Made usual in port repairs.
February 5, 1944.....Underway at 1400. S.L.C., Portland, two destroyers.
February 7, 1944.....Bombarded Wotje at 0909. Fired 26 five gun salvos.
February 9, 1944.....Bombarded Wotje at 1139. Fired 32 five gun salvos.
February 11, 1944.....Bombarded Wotje at 1015. fired 31 five gun salvos.
February 12, 1944.....Entered Majuro at 0830. took on ammunition.
February 13, 1944.....Underway at 1600. Back to the Wotje watch.
February 14, 1944.....Bombarded Wotje at 0907. Fired 20 five gun salvos.
February 15, 1944.....Bombarded Wotje at 1432. Fired 20 five gun salvos, 80 rounds of five inch.
February 17, 1944.....Bombarded Wotje at 1043. Fired 100 rounds of eight inch.
February 18, 1944.....Bombarded Wotje at 1350. Fired 20 five gun salvos.
February 19, 1944.....Entered Majuro at 1000. Held usual inport overhaul.
February 26, 1944.....Underway at 1600. S.L.C., Pensacola, six destroyers.
February 27, 1944....Entered Kwajalein at 1000. Made usual inport repairs and acted as radar guard.
March 22, 1944.....Underway at 1130. S.L.C., Chester, Pensacola, Five destroyers, and four tankers.
March 30, 1944....Tankers fueled Carriers.
April 3, 1944.....Planes from Carriers bombed Palan, Yap Islands.
April 6, 1944.....Entered Majuro at 1800. Continued inport work.
April 25, 1944.....Underway alone. Standard speed 25 knots.
April 30, 1944.....Entered Pearl Harbor at 1200. Fueled from YO.
May 1, 1944.....Underway. S.L.C., Chester, Pensacola. Standard speed 20 knots.
May 6, 1944.....Went under the Golden Gate at 1200. Moored to ammunition dock at Mare Island at 1730. Began yard overhaul.
June 21, 1944.....Underway for trial runs and compass calibration.
June 22, 1944.....Returned to Mare Island.
June 27, 1944.....Underway at 0600 for firing practice.
June 30, 1944.....Anchored in Frisco Bay. No liberty.
July 1, 1944.....Underway at 0600. Ran into rough weather.
July 7, 1944.....Entered Adak. Port routine.
July 17-19, 1944.....Underway for drills.
July 24, 1944.....Underway at 0800.
July 25, 1944.....Entered Attu at 1230.
July 30, 1944.....Sunday, entire ship searched for 160 pint of missing alcohol. It wasn't found.
August 1, 1944.....Underway at 1230. Headed for Paramashiro.
August 3, 1944.....Plane contacts caused bombardment to be canceled.
August 4, 1944.....Entered Attu.
August 5, 1955.....Underway.
August 6, 1944.....Entered Adak at 1200. Fueled from Cuyama.
August 8, 1944.....Underway at 0600.
August 13, 1944.....Entered Pearl Harbor at 1900. Moored alongside Portland at Aiea.
August 15, 1944..... Shifted berths to Pier 22 alongside New Jersey and Pensacola. Began overhaul.
August 29, 1944.....Underway at 0830. S.L.C., Pensacola, Chester, 1 CVE, and three destroyers.
September 3, 1944.....Bombarded Wake at 1000. 15 rounds per gun.
September 6, 1944.....entered Eniwetock at 0830. Usual port routine.
Sept. 22/24, 1944..... Renewed tubes Z-25, 26, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41, 42, and Y-33 in #8 Boiler.
September 24, 1944.....Underway at 1600. 24 knots.
September 26, 1944.....Entered Saipan at 1300. Fueled and got underway at 2200 on a search patrol.
October 1, 1944.....Entered Saipan at 0700. Port routine.
October 6, 1944.....Underway at 1615
October 8, 1944.....Bombarded Marcus at 0415. Staged mock landing.
October 11, 1944.....Entered Saipan at 1300. Port routine.
October 14, 1944.....Underway at 0030
October 16, 1944.....Joined force of 2 CV, 2 CVE, Oakland, San Diego, 3 DE, 3 AO, and several DD.
October 18, 1944.....Planes from Carriers bombed Luzon.
October 20, 1944.....Carrier planes covered landings in Central Philippines.
October 29, 1944.....Entered Ulithi at 0800. Port routine.
November 8, 1944.....Underway at 0530.
November 9, 1944.....Entered Saipan at 1000.
November 10, 1944.....Underway at 1530. CRUDIV Five and six destroyers
November 11, 1944.....Bombarded Iwo Jima at 2330. Completed at 0100 12
November. Secured from GQ at 0600.
November 13, 1944.....Entered Ulithi at 1600. Took on ammunition.
November 20, 1944.....Underway at 0430. Tanker torpedoed just inside the nets after we cleared them.
November 21, 1944.....Entered Saipan at 1230. Port routine.
November 27, 1944.....GQ at 0015. Jap planes came over, three shot down. Secured from GQ at 0115.
November 29, 1944.....GQ at 0050. Bogies again. Secured at 0300.
December 6, 1944.....Underway at 0230.
December 8, 1944.....GQ at 1030. B-29s bombed Iwo at 1100. Set Condition I Easy at 1115 for chow. Alerted at 1230. Commenced bombardment at 1345, ceased fire at 1520. Set Condition II at 1600.
December 9, 1944.....Entered Saipan at 1600. Underway at 1900
December 10, 1944.....Entered Ulithi at 1700. Port routine.
December 16, 1944.....Underway at 1730
December 18, 1944.....Entered Saipan at 0700
December 19, 1944.....Heavy ground swells for three days, took water over the main deck laying at anchor.
December 22, 1944.....Underway at 1730.
December 24, 1944.....Set Cond. I at 1130, began bombardment of Iwo Jima at 1300, cease fire at 1420, secured from GQ at 1630.
December 25, 1944.....MERRY CHRISTMAS. Fueled Fanning DD-385 at 1600.
December 27, 1944.....Set Condition I at 1130, bombarded Iwo Jima at 1300. Ceased fire at 1430, secured from GQ after sunset.
December 28, 1944.....Entered Saipan at 1800.
January 1, 1945.....HAPPY NEW YEAR. Underway at 2100.
January 5, 1945.....Went to GQ at 0215, commenced fire on Chichi Jima at 0700, cease-fire at 0900. Commenced fire on Haha Jim at 1000, ceased fire at 1045. Secured for Chow. Opened fire on Iwo Jima at 1500, ceased fire at 1615. DD-551 hit a mine. Set Cond. II at 2000.
January 8, 1945.....Entered Ulithi at 0730. Port routine.
January 11, 1945.....Underway at 1430.
January 17, 1945.....Entered Saipan at 1300. Port routine.
January 22, 1945.....Underway at 1500. CRUDIV Five and Indiana
January 24, 1945.....Went to GQ at 1100. Commenced fire on Iwo Jima at 1430, ceased fire at 1600, secured from GQ at 1930.
January 26, 1945.....Entered Ulithi at 1530. Routine upkeep. February 10, 1945.....Underway at 1330. S.L.C., Tuscaloosa, Arkansas, Texas, California, Nevada, Chester, Pensacola, GC-12, 10 CVE, 8 APD, 12 DD. One hundred two warships underway between 0600 and 1200
February 13, 1945.....Practiced landings on Tinian.
February 16, 1945.....Went to GQ at 0530. Began continuous bombardment of Iwo Jima at 0600, island completely encircled. Tennessee, Idaho, Nevada, New York, Texas, Arkansas, Chester, Pensacola, and S.L.C. began bombardment. Pensacola hit on well deck, relieved by Cheyenne.
February 17, 1945......Continued bombardment.
February 18, 1945.....Continued bombardment.
February 19, 1945.....D. Day. Marines landed at 0900, rugged going. Continued bombardment. Red alert at 1930, secured at 2115.
February 20, 1945.....Took on ammunition from KA-67
February 25, 1945.....Went in to 40 MM range and bombarded.
February 26, 1945.....Took on ammunition.
March 6, 1945.....One of our OS-2-U shot down with Lt. Gallagher and Ens. Erickson.
March 8, 1945.....Fleet pulled out leaving Tuscaloosa, S.L.C. and several destroyers to continue operations. Continued starshelling every night.
March 15, 1945.....Entered Ulithi at 0830. Began routine overhaul.
March 21, 1945.....Underway at 0830. 8 old BB, 7 CA, 2 CL.
March 27, 1945.....Air attack at 0620. Nevada, Biloxi, one AM hit by suicide planes. Two other planes shot down. Began bombardment of Okinawa at 1300.
March 28, 1945.....Continued bombardment of Okinawa
March 29, 1945.....Continued bombardment. Two suicide planes shot down during mooring GQ.
March 30, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0815, took on ammunition, underway again at 1200. Returned to Okinawa and patrolled.
March 31, 1945.....Suicide planes came in at 0700, one grazed side of Indianapolis in column behind us, slight damage. Continued bombardment.
April 1, 1945.....L. Day. Two planes shot down about 0630. Began bombardment at 0600. Army landed at 0900, opposition light at first. Yontan airfield taken at 1100. Two planes shot down during evening GQ. One crashed West Virginia.
April 2, 1945.....One suicide plane shot down at 0600. Stood by for fire support. Conducted night illumination.
April 3, 1945.....Took on ammunition. Continued call fire.
April 4, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0730, took on ammunition, underway at 1730.
April 5, 1945.....Continued night illumination. Anchored off Okinawa.
April 6, 1945.....Underway at 0945. Several bogies shot down. Nine ships sunk in the outer picket line.
April 11, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0715, underway at 1615.
April 12, 1945.....GQ at 1330. 1450 Tennessee and one DD hit by suicide planes. 1600 approximately 70 planes shot down by inner and outer screen. 2230 secured from GQ.
April 18, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0700, underway at 1700. Returned to Okinawa and anchored in Nagashuku Bay[?]
April 26, 1945.....Returned to West side of Okinawa, anchored off Naha.
April 27, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0700, received ammunition and stores from AD-14. Underway at 1700, returned to the West side of Okinawa and fired start shells.
April 30, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0700, received ammunition and stores, underway at 1640. Returned to the West side of Okinawa.
May 3, 1945.....Went in to 40 MM range and bombarded.
May 4, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0700, rearmed and took on stores, underway at 1700. Returned to South end of Okinawa.
May 9, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0700. Went alongside AK-234, took on stores and ammunition. Underway at 1730, returned to Okinawa Transport area.
May 11, 1945.....Picked up two Jap floaters, searched and buried them.
May 13, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0700. Went alongside AK-234, took on stores and ammunition. Underway at 1700, returned to Transport area.
May 18, 1945.....Longshaw DD-559 ran around off South end of Okinawa about 0400. Jap shore battery opened up at 1100 and scored three hits, magazines exploded and fires out of control, ship was abandoned. Sunk at 1700 by our own fire. Approximately 100 survivors.
May 19, 1945.....Anchored at Kerama Retto at 0700, rearmed and took on stores.
May 20, 1945.....Underway at 1700, returned to Okinawa Transport area.
May 22, 1945.....Flag was relieved.
May 24, 1945.....Condition II all night due to bogies.
May 26, 1945.....Admiral Halsey came in on the Missouri.
May 28, 1945.....Underway at 1030. S.L.C., Wichita, St. Louis, and Mobile.
May 30, 1945.....Entered Layte Gulf at 1000, went alongside IX-139. Held overhaul. Went alongside Ajax and got new five inch guns. Re-mounted SK radar antenna.
Nothing posted for the month of June

July 6, 1945.....Underway. CRUDIV Five went to the East China Sea to cover mine sweeping operations.
July 15, 1945.....Anchored at Buckner Bay Okinawa to take on fuel and supplies.
July 17, 1945.....Underway to cover sweeps.
July 21, 1945.....Anchored in Buckner Bay, received fuel.
July 22, 1945.....Underway
July 31, 1945.....Anchored in Buckner Bay, refueled.
August 1, 1945.....Underway
August 5, 1945.....Entered Saipan. Port routine.
August 8, 1945.....Underway. CRUDIV Five.
August 14, 1945.....Entered Adak. Began Peace Time routine?
August 20, 1945.....Underway .
August 21, 1945.....Entered Attu. Port routine.
August 31, 1945.....Underway. S.L.C., Chester, Pensacola, 6 CVE, 18 DD, 12 Mine Sweeps, 2 Seaplane Tenders, 1 Repair ship, and Panamint.

Hoyt stayed in Attu, Alaska for treatment of injury to his left hand. A heavy hatch fell on the palm of his hand catching it between the lid and hatch rim. He was given treatment on the SLC then transferred to the hospital in Attu. He had surgery on his hand that day and stayed in the hospital until Oct. 17th, 1945.

The records do not show that he returned to the SLC before he was discharged from the Navy on Dec. 1st, 1945. Still looking for that information.

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