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George P. Tucker, S2c
USS Salt Lake City CA25
Nov. 1942 - 1943

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USS SLC...Enlisted Navy...George P. Tucker, S2c

US FLAG George P. Tucker passed away on March 4th, 2012. Information from his niece Lois Tucker
Oct. 09, 2000

Thanks for keeping the records of the Salt Lake City alive. I served on SLC in the longest naval engagement in the Battle of the Komandorski Island under the command of Capt. Bertram J. Rodgers.
Just a 17 year old orphan, not dry behind ears.

SLC Deck Log Nov. 1942



20 Oct. 2000

When I came aboard the SLC as a 17 year old fresh out of an orphanage I was treated like dirt. The old salts let us know in no uncertain terms we were invading their territory and were going to do all they could to make life miserably for us. Did they ever.

Although there were lockers to be had to store and keep personal things in, I could not get one. I was told to use my sea bag and ditty bag for my locker. Then every time I left my quarters and came back someone had opened my sea and ditty bags and threw everything all over the deck. My Dress Whites, Dress Blues, underwear, socks and all my personnel hygiene supplies. Are you getting the picture?

When I was assign to lookout division, I had told every that would listen that I could not stand heights. So where do you think I was assigned. Crows nest. I liked to never got up there and once I did I sat on deck and never once looked out to sea. I was never reported for not performing my lookout duties.

When the ship was put into dry dock I was ordered to go over the side and chip paint and barnacles from side of ship. When the ship is in dry dock it is about 4 to 6 stories high from bottom of dock to main deck. I absolutely refused to go over the side and work on the scaffolding to chip anything. I never went on liberty as I could not walk over the gang plank from the ship to the dock.

Result I had a captain mask. I finally told the captain that there was not a man on board that could make me go over the side including him. I told him I would fight and we both would end up at the bottom of dock. He asked how come I was lookout in crows nest as that was quite high and there was no complaint registered about that. He checked my story out and found I was telling the truth. He dismissed me and said I would not have to go over the side and he would take care of the people responsible. Never heard any more about it. Could this happen on a Navy Ship? Well it did! Why did I want to leave the SLC?

Being in the look out division an eye test was required. Nine sailors in front of me all read the same lines on the eye chart and I was required to read some small print so I would fail and then they could transfer me to the deck division. They must have thought they had some kind of dummy they were dealing with, so I told them I could not read it. My thoughts were, being transferred, my life aboard might improve. I soon learned that old salts stick together. My living condition got worst. Now I get the dirtiest and filthiest jobs. No... these jobs were not routine but were created for me. When we came back to the state for repair and the list for people who could go on leave for two weeks and my name was on it really upset their apple cart.

Well to make a long story short I took my two weeks leave. Not having a family to go home to I stayed in San Francisco and when it came time to report back aboard the SLC I decided to jump ship. I was not going back to that miserable life aboard the SLC. In time I turn myself in to the shore patrol. Got court Martial... spent time in the brig. The time I spent in brig was a whole lot better than what I spent on SLC.

I went on from there and served almost five years in the USNR aboard other ships and duty. How many kids were so miss treated I don't know, but I'm sure I was not the only one. The late Walter Winchell said in one of his news broadcast..."How many kids were in the Navy brigs and that many kids could not be wrong?"

Thank You
With Honor and respect I am
George P Tucker

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slc6-tucker3 George P. Tucker

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Picture taken in Branson, MO. at the LST 481 reunion in Sept. of 2000
[another ship George served on during WWII]

George & Anna "Fritz" Tucker will be celebrating 50 years of marriage on June 30th, 2001.

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