US Cruiser "Salt Lake City" Launched
Participating in the Launching of the Cruiser SALT LAKE CITY

1. Senator Reed Smoot,  2. Miss Galie Rich,   3. Miss Helen Budge,
4. Curtis D. Wilbur, Sect. of Navy,   5. & 6. Mayor & Mrs. John F. Bowman

At 12:46 p.m., January 23, 1929, the United States Navy's light cruiser "SALT LAKE CITY" was launched with appropriate ceremony at Camden, New Jersey.

Miss Helen Budge, daughter of Jesse R. S. and Mrs. Grace Budge of Salt Lake City, christened the vessel by smashing a ribboned-decked bottle of champagne ginger ale over the prow as the ship builders released mighty leashes allowing the cruiser to slide gracefully down the ways into the Delaware River.

Miss Galie Rich, daughter of S. Grover and Mrs. Mildred Rich, also of Salt Lake City, acted as maid of honor at the christening.

Mayor John F. Bowman represented the citizens of Salt Lake City at the exercises and made the principal speech at the luncheon which followed the launching at the ship yards of the New York Ship Building Corporation.

"The advertising value in dollars and cents to Salt Lake City by having this vessel named after the city can hardly be estimated," declared Mayor Bowman upon his return from the launching. "It is of extreme importance to the community and already we have started plans for a goodly representation of the city to attend the commissioning of the vessel early in July." "About 6,000 persons attended the launching."

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Ship 'Salt Lake' Takes to Water at Camden, NJ Yards
Jan. 23rd, 1929
Miss Helen Budge Christens New US Cruser Built Under 1924 Program
First of Class

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Miss Helen Budge
Miss Galie Rich

The 10,000 ton cruiser, "Salt Lake City," was launched today at the yard of the New York shipbuilding Co. The big warship slipped into the Delaware at 12:46 p.m.

The "Salt Lake City" was launched in the presence of Secretary of the navy Wilbur, high officers of the Navy, members of the Utah delegation in Congress, and invited guest from Utah.

Overhead four airplanes soared in circles while about 6,000 persons, including all the workers in the ship yard, cheered as the cruiser left the ways.

Miss Helen Budge, of Salt Lake City, carrying an armful of flowers, christened the ship. What the gaily the bedecked bottle that splashed against the prow of the cruiser contained as it slipped away, was not officially made know, but it was said it contained ginger ale champagne. Miss Budge was attended as maid of honor by Miss Gaily Rich, also of Utah.

About 400 invited guests were crowded on the platform where the sponsor stood when she named the ship. The cruiser took the water gracefully and soon was warped into a nearby dock where work will proceed on her in the hope that she will be place in commission before the end of the year.

A luncheon followed the launching in the offices of the ship building company at which Secretary of the Navy and other guests spoke informally.

Mayor and Mrs. John F. Bowman were among the honored guests, and the mayor was the principal speaker at a luncheon following the ceremony. A great party of prominent Utahans now in the east, headed by Senator Reed Smoot and the legislative delegation were invited as special guests.

The new vessel is an oil burner under steam power with a speed of 33 knots per hour, a tonnage of 10,000, length 585 feet and beam of 65 feet.

When completely equipped, the Salt Lake City will have cost more than $11,000,000. It is one of eight "light" cruisers authorized by Congress on Dec. 18, 1924. Its measurements include length, 585 feet 6 inches; width, 65 feet, 2 inches, and normal draft, 19 feet 6 1/2 inches. Turbo-electric driving apparatus is expected to enable the vessel to develop more than 33 knots an hour. The list of guns was not made public here, but the larges will be 8 inch. It will join the light cruiser squadron when its equipment has been completed.

Among the guest were Admiral Charles F. Hughes, chief of Naval Operations; Captain George F. Neal, Aid to Secretary Wilbur; Rear Admiral Julian T. Latimer, Commander of the League Island Navy Yard, Philadelphia; Mayor John F. Bowman, of Salt Lake City; United States Senator Reed Smoot of Utah, Chairman of the Senate finance Committee; United States Senator William H. King, of Utah. Fourteen states were represented by US Senators or Congressmen.

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More Pictures of the Launching Ceremony
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