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USS Salt Lake City CA25 Memorabilia
Sunday Supplement of the "Saltshaker"

Being Transferred!


July 25th, 1943 Issue

Charlie Sykes, S2c, 4th Division has received the sad news that his father has been killed in an accident. Mr. Sykes raised four boys of whom two are in the Navy, one in the Coast Guard and the fourth in the Army. We honor the man and we respect the memory the son has of such a father.

Deceased Joe Driscoll, GM2c, 3rd Division, likewise received shocking news. His young sister was the victim of an automobile wreck. Our sincerest sympathy.

On the cheery side [?] is the information that reached Jim Perkins, S1c, 10th Division. His soldier brother long thought a casualty on Bataan, is now known to be a prisoner. We hope itís a better situation.


August 1st, 1943 Issue

The graph of educational interest shows a decided up-swing. No doubt all the classes being held by the various departments has created the atmosphere. A number of officers are enrolling for correspondence courses.

ball-red-02 Deceased Mr. R. J. Matusek lectured to his division and signed a number of the spot. Deceased Mr. G. M. Reeves is planning the same approach for the 6th Div.

ball-red-02 Deceased Mr. Richard L. Blum and ball-red-02 Deceased Mr. Charles A. Ware have donated a number of good books to the library. Our thanks to them for their interest and generosity.

ball-red-02 Deceased Mr. A. C. Squires is promoting an "Acey Ducey" tournament in the E Division. A box of candy is the coveted prize. What is "Acey Ducey"? Email Sandy Eskew and explain. Thanks

Once more they pulled on their gauntlets, slipped into a white shroud, pulled a mask over face and head, smiled with satisfaction at the keenness of their blades, softly explored for the vital spot. It was J. B. Davis, RM3c, "C" Div., who lost his appendix this time. In three days he was half sitting up and eating a full ration.

Two families represented in the 7th Division each have five sons in the service. R. N. Woodcock, SK1c with two in the Marines, two in the Navy and one in the Coast Guard. W. W. Coon, Pfc. USMC, one in the Marines, two in the Navy and two in the Army. Of the latter family, one son was long reported missing, which report fortunately has proven false, and another is presumed to have been taken prisoner on Bataan.


August 8th, 1943 Issue
Congratulations to Frank McLear, 5th Division and ball-red-02 Deceased Rex Leist, 9th Division, have recently become proud daddies.


No Date on Saltshaker

William A. Hanks, EM3c and Unknown Saay, WT2c left the ship in a sling. They slipped over to the tanker enroute back home for schooling. One can forge his way ahead in the Navy.

The Marines have their ups and downs. ball-red-02 Deceased Robert D. Taplett has received notice of his promotion to Major, a move heartily endorsed by all. Captain George G. Ryffel has had the come-down to sick bay. His appendix flared but ball-red-02 Deceased Commander William F. Loftin and Deceased Doctor Raymond N. Whitehead shortly and deftly relieved him of his worry. He is fighting his way back in typical style.

Joseph Jacobsen, GM3c, 2nd Div., received the sad tidings that his mother had passed away on June 9th, and Walter N. Van Sandt, AMM3c, V Div. had the sad word of the passing of his father. We are sure they have the sympathy of all their mates.

Historically, good men with poor ships are better than poor men with good ships. The ideal is good men with good ships - like the SALT LAKE CITY. men fight, not ships.

The spirit and training of the men always has been a more important factor in winning battles than the characteristics of the ship and the weapons employed. The Navy is its MEN. The Navy is as good as the men in it - No better.

When the mind is prepared and determined upon a course of action - Fear is Absent


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