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"The Declaration of Independence of men is founded upon a
Declaration of Dependence - upon God"


"It's No Secret Here"
Original Source:
Great Lakes Bulletin

No Date

Ranting Nazis and their emperor worshiping partners in piracy spent a great deal of time trying to scare the rest of the world with big sounding talk of "secret" weapons.

According to the Axis version, our enemies are now equipped, or will soon be equipped with horrible new devices for mass slaughter which can not be duplicated by the Allies. In fact, so the propaganda goes, the stumbling, democracy crippled Allies won't even be able to figure out any satisfactory defense against the powers of destruction which may be unleashed at any moment.

All such talk is of course in keeping with the very best practices involved in waging what has come to be known as "Total" war. Hitler's henchmen overlook no bets when it comes to warfare - both mental and physical.

However, they do overlook one factor, one little point which nullifies in a simple stroke all their careful planning.

America too has a "secret" weapon - a weapon more powerful, more devastating and formidable than any that can be developed by the Axis.

America's secret weapon isn't rolling off the assembly lines in Detroit or Chicago, hidden behind military secrecy and guarded night and day like the precious airplane's bombsight. America's greatest weapon is right out in the open, unguarded, even unnoticed most of the time.... Every man in uniform carries it with him, even though he doesn't quite know its name. A lot of people call it "morale", but that isn't what Mac the Bluejacket calls it. "Morale" is a high sounding word that doesn't mean much of anything to most sailors, marines and soldiers.

American's greatest weapon is more than just the term "morale" can cover. It's made of the thrill a man gets when he comes into the service, when his family and friends see him off on the train. It's part of the appreciation that he feels when a stranger picks him up on the road and gives him a free ride along the way. It's when he drops into a USO or Service Center and realizes what the warmhearted people of this country are doing to make life easier for a man in uniform.

Maybe it's just the consciousness of being a part of the greatest, strongest country on earth - a nation of a hundred million people working and fighting together for the simple purpose that all may enjoy the blessings of freedom, peach and happiness.

Name it if you want to; call it morale - call it anything. It's still the "secret" weapon of the democratic United States - a weapon that can not be duplicated or even copied in Germany or Japan.

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May 16th, 1943

Through an unfortunate accident, W. M. Hurt, EM3c received a serious head injury early in the week. The skill of our medical staff and the courage and determination of Hurt himself have combined to relieve a delicate condition.

ball-red-02 Deceased Hankins, L. D., CM1c had the misfortune to lose two finger tips of the right hand and to have a third mangled. Again the doctors redeemed a nasty situation. Both our mates are doing well. And they need no visitors as they have had plenty of company in the sink bay: Victims of measles, tonsillitis, colds, etc.

"Men are profane usually because they lack education and need profane words to express themselves forcibly or because they are naturally evil-minded. In either case men using profane or filthy language have something lacking for development into leaders of men, and they advertise this fact loudly every time they open their mouths."

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June 11th, 1943

Indication of the type of MEN we have aboard.

ball-red-02 Deceased Lt. (jg) John A. McWaid had the award of the SILVER STAR conferred upon him. This was in recognition of his bravery and gallantry aboard the USS NORTHAMPTON. Between the smart ranks of officers and men drawn up on the well deck, Captain Rodgers conducted the impressive ceremony on behalf of Secretary Knox and President Roosevelt.

Heroic example is leadership at its highest. Lt. McWaid has given us that and may such inspiration serve us when the occasion arises.


William Trexler, S2c has now become STORK KEEPER 1c. A recent arrival is an eight and a half pound little girl.

June 12th, 1943

It is corny to say that the Mess Hall was a mess - practically everything connected with it (except the crew?). Much discussion was held (we mean, addition to the unofficial) by many persons as to ways and means of improvement. Everyone wants the crew to eat as well as possible and under the best possible conditions. (Of course every one understands that we are living under war time conditions, at sea, on a fighting craft). Efforts have been made under the energetic direction of ball-red-02 Mr. William B. Hosey, wholeheartedly assisted by many others, to improve conditions.

A thousand men dig in there three times a day...

Are YOU doing anything to keep it a fit place for men to eat in?

Your answer is THE answer

The SALT LAKE CITY is our HOME - Keep it clean

With crowded conditions such as ours we must be extra particular in order to avoid contracting and spreading infections and diseases.

A "Well Done" for each division would be a "Well Done" for the QUEEN

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July 4th, 1943

There is a time in human affairs when grave anxiety is a whisper in every heart. A time when, if it were possible to bring all of our millions of people together in one huge town meeting, nearly all would find that we share one hope day and night - one fear.

We are living in such a time today

For many people, it must have been this way in '76, when the American way of life was born, and all who felt its deep stir, felt a common hope - that this new dream which had come into the world would not be lost. It must have been this way in 1861, when that same dream of a united people was being tested by pain and fire.

Once again we all share a common apprehension - a common prayer - that our way of life, all the liberties we cherish, and all the traditions of freedom that we call America, shall remain secure to ourselves and our children.

One fact is clear today - clear and plain for all living men to see. This new death will in time take a new holiday. These fierce winds of hate which now sweep the world will be spent in time. The mangled, the crippled, the broken and insane men will go into their graves or hospital beds or wheelchairs. And, in time, men will meet again to talk peace for the war torn lands of this earth.

Those who survive the carnage, and the new children born into the ruins, will need to feel again the spur and hope, the burning idealism of a way of life which spells peace and freedom. They must find it here, in American, living and intact.

There will come a day when the last shot is fired; when a tired and worn bugler will sound a frail note of hope; when taps will say farewell to the dead, and men will hear a whisper - peace - peace. When that time comes men will say - "See, we have built every possible machine for destruction. We have learned to shatter time and space, and rain death. We have learned to march and conquer and lay waste overnight the treasures for which centuries of men have worked. The machinery of enduring peace; the machinery is a way of life which spells freedom.

And by that light, the world will build anew out of its ruins and ashes of despair. Our part in America today and tomorrow is to keep our light of freedom burning. It was kept alone in the winter snows and pain of Valley Forge. It was kept alive in the heartbreak year of 1864. It must be kept alive now.

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July 4th, 1943

Brawn will not win the war. The physical size of the man behind the gun or below at the engines is not important. Is the man trained? Does he know what to do, how to do it? Does he know how to control damage? A little man who knows, can sink a ship or save one.

To what extent could YOU accept responsibility? Can you handle the job above you? Who knows when an emergency will require that you take over. Will you be able to save the day? It will be a matter of your own life - of the lives of others.

It is your duty to learn - to learn more.
You have the occasion, the opportunity, the rewards.
Some are advancing in rate. Why?
Some are not advancing in rate. Why?
Some were not allowed even to take the examinations. Why?
It is your concern to qualify for advancement.

Many minds are concerned with the post-war problems.
What is to be done with the men mustered out of the service?
Where do you fit into that picture?
Do you expect to be comfortably pensioned for life?
Do you want others to do things for you? Free enterprise has ever been the pride and boast of America. We are fighting against governmental paternalism. The war is opening up the world. Americans’ of vision see undreamed of possibilities in China, Burma, India, East Indies, Africa, South America, Alaska. What a world market for the home industries! Not to mention the colossal job of re-gearing America for peace time activities.

Are you qualified to grab yourself a juicy stake?

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July 4th, 1943

Important note in the Salt Lake City Log: While at Adak, ball-red-02 Deceased Chief Cash W. Shaw, CWT was transferred from the ship. The Chief was aboard when the Salt Lake was commissioned and he served his ship long and well. It was hard for him to part from his pride. With regret we see him go but we will continue to give him much to be proud of.

We would also like to mention the fact that this ship still has two original crew members: They are
A. D. Hyman, GM2c and L. G. Wilder, CWT, who have been on the "Queen" since she was first commissioned on Dec. 11th, 1929


Artist Unknown


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