John Rea Lambert
Lt. Comdr.

USS Salt Lake City CA25
1938 - 1945


USS SLC..."Officers"...John R. Lambert, Lt. Comdr.

US FLAG John Lambert passed away in 1976
The picture at the top of the page was contributed by Ruth Lambert, sister of Lt. Commander John R. Lambert & sent to me by his son, Richard Lambert.

Nov. 1, 1943 Roster of Officers Restricted Records:
Duty: Engineering Officer & Safety Engineer
Battle Station: Engine Room Aft.
17 Feb 2000

Dear Sandy,

My name is Richard Garitty Lambert & my father served on board the USS SLC. I was so surprised to see his picture[see link below]. I am getting some material to take with me when I visit my Mom. She will be so pleased to hear familiar names.

ball-red-02 Ted Swenson has sent you some info of his time aboard the SLC. I believe he mentions my dad in it. I will look forward to down loading this info for my Mom.

My Dad is John Lambert. He passed away in 1976 and is buried at Punch Bowl Honolulu. My Mom in 93 now! She enjoy talking about the old days, bitter sweet of course. She lived on the Peninsula at Pearl when the Japs attacked and she has a story to tell.

Thank you for creating this site for the USS SLC. I will be in touch. If I can help you with anything please let me know. as ever
Richard G. Lambert
April 26th, 2001

On April 25th, 2001, Alice Lambert passed away in her sleep at the age of 95. She is the wife of Commander John R. Lambert. Grave side services will be at Punch Bowl in Honolulu at 1:30 pm Tuesday. This was her wish to be with Dad forever.

Richard G. Lambert


Bronze Medal for Battle of Cape Esperance, 1942
Award List for Battle of Cape Esperance, 1942
#8 in Officers, Mare Island Navy Yard, April 1943
#9 in Officers, 1943-44
#3 in picture with Engineering Officers
Mentioned in Letter from ball-red-02 DeceasedLieut. John A. McWaid
Awards Check Off List, 1947
SLC Deck Log Officer's List
SLC Deck Logs Jan. 1942  Jun. 1942  Oct. 1942  Nov. 1942
Tidbits from 1944 Saltshaker

Attended the following SLC Reunions:   1973  1975


2. Lt. Commander John R. Lambert
with ball-red-02 Deceased 1. Captain Bertram J. Rodgers
& ball-red-02 Deceased 3. Commander Worthy Bitler

#043-Sm. Pic. Checked
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United States Pacific Fleet
Flagship of the Commander-in Chief

In the name of the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Fleet, take pleasure in presenting the "Bronze Star Medal" to:

Lieutenant Commander John Rea Lambert
United States Navy

for service as set forth in the following citation:

"For meritorious achievement from December 1941 to May 1945 in the performance of outstanding service as Electrical Officer, Assistant Engineering Officer, and Engineering Officer successively in a heavy cruiser. Through his capable administration, exceptional engineering ability and gallantry in action, he contributed in a large measure to the brilliant performance of his ship in the accomplishment of many carried tasks over a period of more than three years in combat areas throughout the Pacific. His courage and leadership were an inspiration to the officers and men under his command and were at all times in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."

Signed by
C. W. Nimitz, Fleet Admiral, US Navy


The Secretary of the Navy

The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the "Gold Star" in lieu of the Third Bronze Star Medal to

Lieutenant Commander John Rea Lambert
United States Navy-Retired

for service as set forth in the following citation:

"For heroic achievement as Assistant Engineering Officer of the U.S.S Salt Lake City in action against enemy Japanese forces off Komandorski Islands, March 26, 1943. Serving as officer-in-charge of the forward engineering plant throughout an extended engagement between his Task Group and a numerically superior enemy surface force, Lieutenant Commander (then Lieutenant) Lambert operated the plant with careful and accurate control and, when damages were sustained which resulted in the loss of power in the ship, conserved the remaining steam pressure for use by vital auxiliaries, thereby preventing permanent loss of power and saving the ship from further damage. His professional ability and devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions on the United States Naval Service."

Lieutenant Commander Lambert is authorized to wear the Combat "V".

For the President
John L. Sullivan, Secretary of the Navy


Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
Navy Number 128
Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, CA.
June 10, 1946

From: Commander, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
To: Lieut. Comdr. John R. Lambert, USN
Subject: Performance of Duty in Connection with work on Crossroads Ships - Commendation for...

  1. The Shipyard has received the following letter from the Chief of the Bureau of Ships:

    "The Director of Ship Material for the CROSSROADS Operation has informed the Chief of Bureau of the efforts which have been made and the cooperation which has been extended by the personnel of the naval Shipyard in making preparations for this project.

    The success of the CROSSROADS Operation will be due in no small part to the assistance of the Naval Shipyards in meeting the many difficult problems which have attended the preparatory phase of this operation and the results expected to obtained are of vital importance to this Bureau and it is desired to express the Bureau's appreciation of the commendable contributions made by the Naval Shipyard Personnel.

    Signed by
    E. L. Cochrane, Chief of Bureau"

  2. The Commander of the Shipyard wishes to commend you for your excellent performance of duty which assisted in earning the above letter of appreciation.

    Signed by
    C. O. Kell


The President of the United States of America To all who shall see these presents, greeting: Know Ye, that John Rea Lambert, having been specially commended for his performance of duty in actual combat by the head of the executive department under whose jurisdiction such duty was performed was, on Dec. 1st, 1946 placed upon the retired list of the United States Navy with the rank of Commander.

Done at the City of Washington this Ninth day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-Eight and of the Independence of the United States of america the One Hundred and Seventy-Second.

By the President and signed by the Secretary of the Navy John L. Sullivon


FLAGBAR 501x15


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